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I only included the following file since the results presented here will never be published.

Fig. 2

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In the meantime, I have successfully put down LyX-copies of my diplome-thesis in .pdf. Please download here :


You will know that the little subscript "_de" means that it is written in german. A translation into English is pending.

I am also typing my dissertation. It is not yet ready, but the progress is also free to the reader


The following papers are available here :

1) Steinbach, V. and D.A. Yuen, Effects of depth-dependent properties on the thermal anomalies produced in flush instabilities from phase transitions, Phys. Earth Planet. Int., 86, 165-183, 1994.
2) Steinbach, V. and D.A. Yuen, Dynamical effects of a temperature- and pressure-dependent lower-mantle rheology on the interaction of upwellings with the transition zone , Phys. Earth Planet. Int., 103, 85-100, 1997.
3) Steinbach, V. and D.A. Yuen, The influences of surface temperature on upwellings in planetary convection with phase transitions, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 162, 15-25, 1998.

This is the Cathedral of Utrecht as seen from the north, along the Vecht. Its tower has the height of 112,5 m (Wikipedia), which makes it the highest one in the Netherlands.



And that is the author of all this, enjoying a ride on his trike. (Photo : Dave Yuen)