Rob Govers 
Associate Professor of Geophysics

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Department of Earth Sciences
Room 248 (2nd floor)
Faculty of Geosciences Vening Meinesz Building A
Utrecht University Princetonlaan 8A
P.O. Box 80.115 University campus "De Uithof"
3508 TCUtrecht Utrecht
The Netherlands The Netherlands

phone: (..) (0)30-2 534 985
fax: (..) (0)30-2 535 030 
email r.govers AT uu DOT nl

My main research interests are the geodynamics of plate boundaries, lithosphere scale deformation processes and the expressions of these processes in geophysical and geological data. I am particularly interested in the geodynamic evolution of the Mediterranean region, and in the role of solid earth processes in the Messinian salinity crisis. I also study the geodynamics of the Caribbean region. I develop, and scientifically use, numerical modeling tools, in particular for the solution of partial differential equations (GTECTON, GFLEX).

Here is a recent Curriculum Vitae, here are my publication records on ORCID and Metis, and here is a citation list by Google Scholar.

Current research themes:

The following types of information can be found on the WWW-pages of the Tectonophysics research group:

BSc courses:
  1. Lithosfeer Dynamica (Second year BSc course, Govers, block 3, 2021)
  2. Introduction to Natural Hazards (2nd/3rd year BSc course, Govers, Sanders, GEO2-4211, block 3, 2021)

MSc/PhD courses:

  1. Tectonophysics (Track: Physics of the Deep Earth and Planets, First year MSc course, Govers, GEO4-1409, next: block 2, 2020-21)
  2. Hazards and Risk Assessment, GEO4-4425, block 3, 2021.
  3. Modelling Crust and Lithosphere Deformation, next: block 1, 2021.

Last modified: January 8, 2021