Evolving dynamical regimes during secular cooling of terrestrial planets: insights and inferences from numerical models
PhD thesis by Peter van Thienen, defended on November 24, 2003
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
promotores: prof.dr. R.D. van der Hilst and prof.dr. N.J. Vlaar
co-promotor: dr. A.P. van den Berg

Table of contents (22 kB)

1 Introduction (408 kB)

2 Model description (377 kB)

3 Numerical methods (51 kB)

4 Plate tectonics on the terrestrial planets (1.5 MB) [ abstract ]

5 Assessment of the cooling capacity of plate tectonics and flood volcanism in the evolution of Earth, Mars and Venus (15.8 MB) [ abstract ]

6 Production and recycling of oceanic crust in the early Earth (8.1 MB) [ abstract ]

7 On the formation of continental silicic melts in thermo-chemical mantle convection models: implications for early Earth and Venus (6.0 MB) [ abstract ]

8 Interaction between small-scale mantle diapirs and a continental root (18.3 MB) [ abstract ]
animation files: 1 , 2

9 Summary and conclusions (56 kB)

Bibliography (156 kB)

Appendix A: Error magnitude in the conservation of energy in the approximate melt segregation scheme (264 kB)

Appendix B: Discretization and benchmarking of the energy equation (173 kB)

Samenvatting en conclusies (Summary and conclusions in Dutch) (66 kB)