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Gesa Kuhlmann
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Dr. G. Kuhlmann
PhD 1999-2004

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Research of Gesa Kuhlmann

Neogene chronostratigraphy and 
basin development of the North Sea basin
In this study, Upper Cenozoic (Neogene) sediments were investigated for a better understanding of the (chrono)stratigraphical and structural settings of the northern Dutch off-shore area. The near-shore, shallow marine conditions make it possible to study the geochronology and lithology of sedimentary cycles as well as their paleoclimatic significance during Tertiary times in great detail.
Sm-Nd provenance study
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The main aim of the project was to establish a high resolution and  integrated stratigraphic and depositional framework of the sediments within the Upper North Sea Group. 

This has given new insight in the evolution of the North Sea basin during Tertiary times.

This will be achieved by seismic studies and well-log interpretation over the entire research area and by sedimentary investigation (grain-size, clay mineralogy, Sm-Nd provenance study, biostratigraphy) of specific sediment cores, which will give a clue to the temporal and spatial variations of sedimentary input.

Key words: Southern North Sea, Tertiary, Neogene, Upper North Sea Group, Sequence Stratigraphy 

publications Publications of Gesa Kuhlmann
  • Kuhlmann, G., de Boer, P.L. Pedersen, R.B. and Wong, Th.E (2004). Provenance of Pliocene sediments and paleoenvironmental changes in the southern North Sea region using Samarium–Neodymium (Sm/Nd) provenance ages and clay mineralogy, Sedim. Geology, 171, 205-226 
  • Kuhlmann, G. (2004). High resolution stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental changes in the southern North Seaa during the Neogene (PhD thesis Utrecht University), Geologica Ultraiectina, 245, 205 pp.