Seminars at Fort Hoofddijk

Fort Canteen, Fridays at 16:00 hrs


Fri  26 January 2018
Mei Sheng

A 10000 yr record of high-resolution geomagnetic secular variation from Huguangyan Maar Lake in south China
Fri  1 December 2017
Abdul Qayyum

Tectonic of the Potwar plateau and the Salt range, NW Himalayan Foreland Basin, Pakistan

Fri 22 September 2017
Jannah de Roos

Paleomagnetic and structural constraints on  oceanic lithosphere processes: the SE massifs of the Oman Ophiolite
Fri 8 September 2017
Mayke Bongers

Paleomagnetism and Mesozoic evolution of the Woyla Group, Sumatra (SE Asia)
Fri 7 July 2017
Gijs van Dijk & Ymke Lathouwers

Ancient Lake Pannon: untangling multi-polarity behavior for magnetostratigraphic correlation
Tue 4 July 2017
Chris Kuijper

Paleomagnetic study of the Talesh Mountains: implications for geodynamics in North-Western Iran.
Tue 4 July 2017
Yael Engbers

Paleomagnetism and tectonic evolution of the Andaman Islands, India, SE Asia.

Th 11 May 2017
Nick Kelder

Why dating Lake Pannon sediments is a pain: inconsistent magnetic polarities due to multiple generations of diagenetic greigite
Fri 20 January 2017
Jan Westerweel

Paleomagnetic and structural constraints on the Neogene evolution of the Soma basin as part of the ─░zmir–Bal─▒kesir Transfer Zone (western Anatolia)
Fr 18 November 2016
Eldert Advocaat

Neogene extension and exhumation in NW Sulawesi & Jurassic–Cretaceous tectonic evolution of the Woyla Group, Sumatra
Fr 16 March 2017
Walter Capella

Mediterranean isolation as a trigger for global Late Miocene cooling

Fr 9 September 2016
Suzhen Liu

Environmental magnetic records of the Dali Lake borehole (Inner Mongolia): implications for paleoclimatic variations in East Asia
Fr 23 September 2016
Oscar Groenhof (MSc talk)

The quest for primary Devonian magnetism in the Pyrenees and the implications for the Paleozoic paleogeographic position of Iberia.
Fr 13 March 2016
Zhenyu Li
Kinematic evolution of the Lhasa Terrane since Middle-Late Mesozoic to Early Cenozoic from Paleomagnetic and Geochronological constraints
Fr 13 March 2016
Shihu Li
Paleomagnetic constraints on the Cenozoic deformation of southeast margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Th 28 April 2016
Dan Tamas (OMV Petrom/Cluj University)
Salt tectonics in the Eastern Carpathian Bend Zone

Th 28 April 2016
Alexandra Tamas (OMV Petrom)
Can surface geology improve subsurface structural interpretation of the L. Miocene HC reservoirs in the Carpathians Bend Zone?
Fr 8 January 2016
Daniël Brouwer (MSc). TIME: 14h30!!
Remagnetization during Rotation: The Variscan Orocline(s)? of Iberia
Fr 29 January 2016
Daniel Pastor Galán
Two many oroclines in Iberia? A Pangea's simple twist of fate.
Fr 12 June 2015
Christina Malandri (MSc)
Major rotation difference along the 'Mid-Cycladic Lineament' on the island of Paros, Central Greece
Th 18 June 2015
Mathijs Koymans (MSc)
Large-scale Miocene counter-clockwise rotation of the Eastern Taurides; implications for Neotethyan kinematics
Th 16 April 2015
Wentao Huang (UU)
Paleomagnetic constraints on tectonic reconstructions of the Inda-Asia collision zone
Fr 17 April 2015
Mahnaz Rezaeian (IASBS, Iran)
Exhumation of the mountain belt in North-West Iran
Th 5 March 2015
Lydian Boschman (UU)
How to reconstruct plates that no long exist? - Reconstructing the Mesozoic Panthalassa Ocean & Fieldwork in Mexico: the Guerrero Arc

Fr 10 April 2015
Maryam Honarmand (IASBS, Iran)
Zircon U-Pb age, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic constraints on the origin of the high-potassic to shoshonitic Tarom , Alborz belt, NW Iran
Thursday 19 February 2015
Renzo Degenaar (MSc-student)
The Lesser Caucasus: to bend or not to bend ?

27 February 2015
Lars Noorbergen (VU/UU)
Regional correlation of Paleocene fluvial lignite seams by magnetostratigraphy, Montana (USA)
6 February 2015 - SPECIAL TALK FOR COR
Andy Biggin (University of Liverpool)
Mantle dynamics from the bottom-up: towards a new application for Palaeo-geomagnetism
13 February 2015
Solid Earth Drinks: AW-building
Start: 16:30-17:00; in front of elevators

16 January 2015
Shulan Ge (FIO, China)
Bottom current changes during the last deglacial in Ulleung Basin, southern Japan Sea: response to millennial events?
23 January 2015
Anne-Christine da Silva (UU/Ulg)
The use of magnetic susceptibility in Palaeozoic rocks as a tool for paleoclimatic reconstructions: merits and pitfalls
12 December 2014
Uwe Kirscher (Muenchen)
The paleogeographic evolution of Central Asia during the Paleozoic - New paleomagnetic constraints from the Kazakh Karatau and Kyrgyz Tianshan mountain ranges.
19 December 2014 - 9 January 2015
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28 November 2014
Ayten Koç
Late Neogene oroclinal bending in the eastern limb of the Isparta Angle (Western Taurides)

5 December 2014
Joris van Galen (MSc-presentation)
Full vector geomagnetic field record geochemical study on 28 lava flow from El Hierro, Canary Island, Spain
14 November
Thomas Groenewegen (MSc-presentation)
The intriguing geometry of the Central Iberian Orocline: a combined paleomagnetic and structural approach
21 November
Tao Yang (Institute of Geophysics, Beijing)
What can we learn from the magnetic properties of fault rocks?

31 October 2014
Arjan de Leeuw (CASP)
Science, industry and muddy boots: Neogene field geology of the circum-NW Black Sea area

7 November 2014
Javier Fernández Lozano (Salamanca)
Unrevealing ancient roman gold mines in northwest Spain: a multidisciplinary approach based on LiDAR
18 July 2014
Dirk van Haeringen
Magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Untere MeeresMolasse (UMM, Germany) : a beautiful section along the Ammer.
22 May 2014
Freek van der Goes
Paleogeographic reconstruction of the Tethyan Ocean: Paleomagnetic constraints from the dyke complex of the Turkish ophiolites
21 March 2014
Wentao Huang
Constraining the India-Asia collision by retrieving the paleolatitude from partially remagnetized lower Eocene volcanics in the Nanmulin Basin (southern Tibet)
28 February 2014
Roi Silva-Casal
Climatic cycles and events record in a high tectonic activity context: the middle Eocene carbonate platforms of the Jaca basin 
The spreading system of the Himalayan ophiolites of the Yarlung Zangbo suture zoneThe spreading system of the Himalayan ophiolites of the Yarlung Zangbo suture zone



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