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Arjan de Leeuw
J.H.W.M. de Leeuw, MSc
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Utrecht University
Department of Earth Sciences
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 



My PhD thesis

Research of Arjan de Leeuw

Miocene to Pliocene evolution of the western Paratethys (Transylvanian and Pannonian basins) and spatial-temporal connections between Miocene semi-isolated basins

Quarry in Transylvania
This research project aims at establishing a detailed chronologic framework for the Neogene sediments deposited in the western Paratethys area, with special focus on the middle and upper Miocene of the Pannonian and Transylvanian basins. This framework will be constructed using an integrated magnetostratigraphic approach to the thick sedimentary sequences of the Transylvanian and Pannonian basins. 
The resulting time frame will be applied in tectono- stratigraphic studies to unravel the kinematic evolution of the Pannonian- Carpathian orogenic system. Ancient (paleomagnetic) rotations will aid in determining the tectonic history of the area, and will be compared, for instance, with present-day rotations derived from inversion of GPS data.
In addition, the time scale will allow to better define the paleogeographic history. 
Finally, a detailed comparison with time-equivalent sequences of the Eastern Paratethys and Mediterranean realm, will be necessary to study the water exchange between the different Paratethys subbasins and Mediterranean areas. 
This will provide important boundary constraints on the Pan-Mediterranean geodynamic history as well as on the results of ongoing modelling studies of Neogene depositional environments in the Mediterranean basin. 

Quarry in Transylvania, with Wout digging and Giza looking ....

publications Publications of Arjan de Leeuw
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