Plate Tectonics Animation Links 

Wegener Continental Drift
Bullard Fit of Continents
Magnetic Reversals
Wandering Poles or Drifting Continents
Sea Floor Spreading
Basic Plate Boundaries
Formation of Ocean Crust
Transform Faulting
The Process of Subduction
Hot Spot Volcanoes
The Process of Rifting
Plate Tectonics animation
Global Tectonics Animations.
A resource of information concerning Plate Tectonics.
Forming of continents
Collision zone animation
Mid-ocean ridge animation
Subduction animation
Movies showing how the Bering Land Bridge evolved after the Last Glacial Maximum about 21,000 years ago.
Mantle convection movies.
Plate tectonic animation over time
Various Plate tectonic animations
Animations of the movement of geologic plates over the last 600 million years
Continental drift over time
Animations of plate tectonic action
Animations from the US Geological Survey video Secrets in Stone
A flash site from the Interactive Geology Project">
Animations of plate tectonic and geologic reconstructions.
Animated faults and tsunamis
Plate convergence with examples from the Himalaya Range of Tibet
Plate tectonic and paleoglobe animations
Example of movements of continents and how they fit together (Gondwana) Animation
Formation and taking apart of Pangaea
Interactive plates and boundaries
Continent-continent collision
Introductory animations into the geological concepts of continental drifts, magnetic reversals and much more.
Basic animation demonstrating convergent, divergent and transformational boundary separations.
plate tectonics animation
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker: Try it.
Making the Earth Move
Plate Tectonics Animation
Lithospheric mantle delamination
Paleogeographic evolution of Western North America
Paleogeographic evolution of California

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