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Pieter Vlag
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Dr. P.A. Vlag
Visiting researcher since 1999
Now at:
Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
The Netherlands
Phone:  +31 45 5742 2988 (private)



Research of Pieter Vlag

Magnetism of paleo-environmental 
and paleoclimatic change

publications Publications of Pieter Vlag
  • Vlag, P.A., Kruiver, P.P and Dekkers, M.J. (2004). Evaluating climate change by multivariate statistical techniques on magnetic and chemical properties of marine sediments (Azores region), Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol., 212, 23-44. 
  • Vlag, P., Alva-Valdivia, L., De Boer, C.B., Gonzalez, S. and Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J. (2000). A rock- and paleomagnetic study of a Holocene lava flow in Central Mexico, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 118, 259-272 
  • Vlag PA, Oches EA, Banerjee SK, Solheid PA (1999). The paleoenvironmental - magnetic record of the Gold Hill Steps loess section in central Alaska, Phys. Chem Earth, partA - Solid Earth and Geodesy, 24(9), 779-783. 
  • Vlag P, Thouveny N, Williamson D, et al. (1997). The rock magnetic signal of climate change in the maar lake sequence of Lac St Front (France), Geophys. J. Int., 131, 724-740
  • Rochette P, Ben Atig F, Collombat H, et al. (1997). Low paleosecular variation at the equator: a paleomagnetic pilgrimage from Galapagos to Esterel with Allan Cox and Hans Zijderveld, Geol. Mijnbouw, 76, 9-19
  • Vlag P, Vandamme D, Rochette P, et al. (1997). Paleomagnetism of the Esterel rocks: a revisit 22 years after the thesis of Hans Zijderveld, Gerol. Mijnbouw, 76, 21-33.
  • Vlag P, Thouveny N, Rochette P (1996). Synthetic and sedimentary records of geomagnetic excursions, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 24 (6): 723-726 MAR 15 1997
  • Vlag P, Thouveny N, Williamson D, et al. (1996). Evidence for a geomagnetic excursion recorded in the sediments of Lac St Front, France: A link with the Laschamp excursion ? JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH 101 (B12): 28211-28230 DEC 10 1996
  • Vlag P, Rochette P, Dekkers MJ (1996). Some additional hysteresis parameters for a natural (titano)magnetite with known grain size, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 23 (20): 2803-2806 OCT 1 1996