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Nuretdin Kaymakci
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ISES Visiting Research Fellow
Prof.dr. N. Kaymakci
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Department of Earth Sciences
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +90-312-2102685

Personal Homepage

Usually at:
RS/GIS Laboratory, 
Department of Geological Engineering
Middle East Technical University (METU/ODTU)
06531-Ankara, Turkey
                                    Middle East Techical University

Research of Nuretdin Kaymakci

Paleostress inversion of multiphase
deformed areas in Anatolia

Schematic overview of Turkish-Anatolian tectonics
Nuri Kaymakci contributes his expertise to the ISES Europe-Africa convergence integrated program. Projects are related to the geodynamic and paleogeographic evolution of the Middle Miocene East Tethys gateway, on the collision history of the Arabian and Eurasian plate in SE Anatolia, and on the Mesozoic geodynamics of the circum - Black Sea area, using paleomagnetic constraints on timing and kinematic evolution.

Nuri Kaymakci has finished a PhD study – at Utrecht University - on the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Çankiri Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey). His present position is at the Middle East Technical University (METU) of Ankara. His research entails using available (un)published data, satellite and airborne imagery (gravity and magnetics), paleostress inversion techniques, as well as paleomagnetism and integrated stratigraphy. As an ISES Visiting Research Fellow, Nuri Kaymakci is involved in a number of projects in the  Europe-Africa convergence programme. These are:

  • Geodynamic and paleogeographic evolution of the East Tethys gateway during the middle Miocene and its influence on the environmental conditions in the circum-Mediterranean region. Researcher: Silja Huesing

Silja sampling in SE Turkey, with Ferhat and Murat
  • The collision history of the Arabian and Eurasian plate in SE Anatolia: paleomagnetic constraints on timing and kinematic evolution. Researcher: vacancy

Eocene to Miocene limestones in SE Turkey, near Hoya 
  • Opening and closure of the Tethys oceans: Mesozoic Cimmerian deformation around the present-day Black Sea. Researcher: Maud Meijers

Maud Meijers in a Jurassic reefal limestone section in the western Caucasus

publicationsPublications of Nuretdin Kamymakci
  • Akar, S., Suzen, M.L., Kaymakci, N., 2011. Detection and object-based classification of offshore oil slicks using ENVISAT-ASAR images. Environ. Monitoring and Assessment, 183, 409–423.
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  • Hippolyte, J.-C., Müller, C., Kaymakci, N. & Sangu, E. (2010). Dating of the Black Sea Basin: new nannoplankton ages from its inverted margin in the Central Pontides (Turkey), Geol. Soc. London Special Publications, 340, 113-136. 
  • Kaymakci, N., Özmutlu, Ş., van Dijk, P.M. Özçelik, Y. 2010. Surface and subsurface characteristics and hydrocarbon potential of the Çankiri Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey): integration of remote sensing, seismic interpretation and gravity . Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 19, 79-100.
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  • Kaymakci, N., Duermeijer, C., Langereis, C.G., White, S.H. and van Dijk, P.M. (2003). Palaeomagnetic evolution of the Cankiri Basin (central Anatolia Turkey): implications for oroclinal bending due to indentation, Geol. Mag., 140 (3), 2003, pp. 343–355