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Mark Sier

Drs. M.J. Sier
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 1672
Fax +31 30 243 1677

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Usually at: 
Faculty of Archaeology
University of Leiden
PO 9515
2300 RA Leiden

Research of Mark Sier

Improving the chronology of NW European Palaeolithic: Palaeoenvironmental correlations and implications for understanding hominin behavior 
This Phd research consists of paleomagnetic and environmental magnetism studies at several archaeological and/ or palaeontological sites across Europe and Africa. Current research consists of three projects carried out in Neumark Nord (Germany), Tegelen (Netherlands) and Ledi-Geraru (Ethiopia). These projects are multidisciplinary combining the skills of several research institutions to answer archaeological questions. 
Mark has participated in several excavations including the Pleistocene sites of Dmanisi (Georgia), Atapuerca (Spain) and the Gravettian site of Krub / Kranawetberg (Austria) among others. 
He has also extensive experience in teaching and commercial excavation / prospection of archaeological sites.

His paleomagnetic studies have taken him to the Neumark site in Germany, and to Tegelen in Holland. On the photo (right) he is sampling a paleomagnetic profile with Cor Langereis.

Mark Sier is currently a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Archaeology. This Phd project is supervised by Wil Roebroeks (Leiden University) with co-supervision of Mark Dekkers (Utrecht University) and Josep Parés (CENIEH, Burgos, Spain)..

publicationsPublications of Mark Sier
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