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Marily Mensink
M. Mensink
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 5248



Research of Marily Mensink

A paleomagnetic study of the Apulian platform: did Adria rotate relative to Africa?
There are many studies on the movement of the Adriatic plate based on different approaches. The Apulian carbonate platform is part of Adria and lies in the foreland of the modern Apennines. Previous paleomagnetic studies in Apulia reached mutually exclusive conclusions: Adria underwent Neogene clockwise, counter-clockwise, or no rotation relative to Africa. 

With the aim of obtaining Cretaceous to Neogene paleomagnetic directions for Apulia, a paleomagnetic study was carried out on the Apulian carbonate platform. Despite the weak remanences of these rocks, we obtained useful paleomagnetic directions of six localities from the Murge and Salento areas.

The results of our study are combined with published paleomagnetic directions from Adria, which we have recalculated.

The combined data set is then compared to the apparent polar wander path of Africa. We conclude that although most data points are within error, they show on average a systematic trend of counter-clockwise rotation with respect to Africa. Therefore, the data permit a counter-clockwise rotation of Adria of 9.5°±9 with respect to Africa, as is suggested in several models. To accommodate this rotation there should exist a zone of decoupling south of Adria. It is possible that extension on the Sirte or Ionian basins contributed to the accommodation of the rotation of Adri

Fieldwork in Apulia
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publications Publications of Marily Mensink

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  • Van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Mensink, M., Langereis, C.G., Maffione, M., Spallutio, L., Tropeano, M. and Sabato, L. (2014). Did Adria rotate relative to Africa ?  Solid Earth,  5, 611-629.