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Marianne Leewis
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Mrs. M. Leewis
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Utrecht University
Faculty of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 1361
Fax +31 30 243 1677


Research of Marianne Leewis

Late Miocene evolution of the Betic Gateways

The origin of the Messinian Salinity Crisis requires studying the role of marine gateways on circulation and sedimentation patterns. During this period, the Mediterranean-Atlantic gateways became restricted, were closed, and re-opened again. Inevitably, this caused major changes in paleocirculation and thus in depositional environment in the Mediterranean. 

This projects aims to unravel the temporal and spatial history of the Mediterranean- Atlantic gateway in the Betic Cordillera during the late Miocene. A high-resolution time frame for the sedimentary sequences of these Betic gateway basins has already - in part - been established. A paleogeographic reconstruction which will aid in decyphering the timing and mechanism of closure. We expect that they will help solving the controversies over the cause and mechanism of the Messinian Salinity Crisis as well as over the geodynamic history of the Gibraltar arc system.

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