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Linda Garming
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Mrs. L. Garming
Marine Geophysik
Universität Bremen
Fachbereich Geowissenschaften
Universität Bremen
Gebäude GEO I
D-28359 Bremen

Phone:  +49 421 218 4662

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Research of Linda Garming

Diagenetic processes and the fate of the palaeomagnetic signal in marine sediments 

Plausible magnetic polarity information has often been retained in considerably altered sedimentary assemblages of magnetic minerals. The intensity information in such sediments, however, is doubtful. The project involves research into the mechanisms which permit oxic magnetic carriers to ‘survive’ reductive diagenesis. An integrated geochemical and mineral magnetic approach is aiming at developing models that describe and explain reaction kinetics and past redox conditions. 

publications Publications of Linda Garming
  • Franke, C., Pennock, G.M., Drury, M.R, Engelmann, R., Lattard, D., Garming, J.F.L., Von Dobeneck, T. and Dekkers, M.J. (2007). Identification of magnetic Fe-Ti oxides in marine sediments by electron backscatter diffraction in scanning electron microscopy, Geophys. J. Int., 170 (2), 545-555.   
  • Garming, J.F.L., Bleil, U., Franke, C. and von Dobeneck, T. (2007). Low-temperature partial magnetic self-reversal in marine sediments by magnetostatic interaction of titanomagnetite and titanohematite intergrowths, Geophys. J. Int., 170 (3), 1067-1075   
  • Garming, J.F.L., Bleil, U. and Riedinger, N. (2005) Alteration of the magnetic mineralogy at the sulfate methane transition: Analysis of sediments from the Argentine continental slope. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 151, 290-308. 
  • Riedinger, N., Pfeifer, K., Kasten, S., Garming, J.F.L., Vogt, C. and Hensen, C. (2005). Diagenetic alteration of magnetic signals by anaerobic oxidation of methane related to a change in sedimentation rate. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 69, 4117-4126
  • Garming, J.F.L, De Lange, G.J., Dekkers, M.J. and Passier, H.F. (2004). Changes in magnetic parameters after sequential iron phase extraction of Eastern Mediterranean sapropel S1, Stud. Geophys. Geod., 48, 345-362.