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Klaudia Kuiper
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Dr. K. Kuiper
Department of Earth Sciences
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 5418
Fax +31 30 243 1677

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Research of Klaudia Kuiper

Direct intercalibration of radio-isotopic 
and astronomical time in the Mediterranean Neogene
This postdoc research project constitutes the next crucial and fundamental step in a rigorous attempt to intercalibrate the two completely independent - astronomical and radio-isotopic - absolute dating methods. Main objectives are:
  • to solve remaining inconsistencies in the astronomical - 40Ar/39Ar intercalibration;
  • to intercalibrate the 40Ar/39Ar and astronomical dating systems with the U/Pb system;
  • to reduce current uncertainties in 40Ar/39Ar dating by introducing a direct astronomically dated sanidine standard suitable for laser probe 40Ar/39Ar dating;
  • to apply the astronomically standard to accurately date magneto- stratigraphically well constrained volcanic layers of Paleogene age. 
We introduce a direct astronomically dated mineral standard in 40Ar/39Ar dating and aim at the intercalibration of the astronomical and 40Ar/39Ar time scales with the U/Pb system. We will apply the new standard to date volcanic ash beds of Paleogene age, for a critical independent check on the tuning of cyclic sequences of that age. 

Kuiper et al., 2004
Preferred (astronomical) age of the Fish Canyon Tuff is 28.21 ± 0.04 Ma 
(Click on figure to access the pdf file of Kuiper et al., 2004)

publications Publications of Klaudia Kuiper
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