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Karen Oud
Mrs. K. Oud
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Utrecht University
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
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The Netherlands 

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Research of Karen Oud

Miocene Rotation of the Moesian platform: a kinematic link between Carpathian and Aegean orogenic systems ?
The Moesian platform of northern Bulgaria and southern Romania is long considered to form a rigid, stable block bounding the Carpathian system and the Aegean system. However, no reliable paleomagnetic data have been reported to constrain Neogene rotation of the Moesian platform.
If the Moesian platform is indeed rotating, it implies a causal relationship between the kinematic evolution of the Aegean and Carpathian domains during the Middle to Late Miocene: Aegean rotation would be accommodated in the Carpathian back-arc. 
The western Aegean region underwent a 50° clockwise rotation phase since 13 Ma, with the majority of the rotations occurring between 13 and 8 Ma. Rotation values decrease towards the northwest and amount 20° CW in the Greek Rhodope

The southern Carpathian Foreland underwent a 30° clockwise rotation phase, between 13 and 9 Ma. This is time-equivalent to the Aegean clockwise rotation phase. 

The similarity in sense and timing of rotations is strikingly conspicuous. The absence of a major Miocene tectonic discontinuity between the Greek Rhodope and the southern Carpathian foreland suggests that the clockwise rotation of the Rhodope was accommodated in the Carpathian orogenic belt through wholesale rotation of the Moesian platform. 

To test this hypothesis, we carry out paleomagnetic analyses of Cretaceous to Eocene series of the Moesian platform in Bulgaria, where the Moesian platform rocks crop out in quarries. 

Additionally, we sample Eocene to Oligocene sediments of the Balkanides foredeep and Mio-Pliocene post-orogenic sediments of central Bulgaria and Oligocene volcanics of the Bulgarian Rhodope. 

The project is supervised by Douwe van Hinsbergen and  Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, in cooperation with Radoslav Nakov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).

publications Publications of Karen Oud
  • Van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Dupont-Nivet, G., Nakov, R., Oud, K. and Panaiotu, C. (2008). No significant post-Eocene rotation of the Moesian Platform and Rhodope (Bulgaria): implications for the kinematic evolution of the Carpathian and Aegean arcs: Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 273, 345-358.