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Hirokuni Oda
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Dr. H. Oda
Overseas Research Fellow 2002-2004
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyGeological Survey of Japan
Now at:
Paleogeodynamics Research Group
Institute of Geology and Geoinformation
Geological Survey of Japan
AIST Central 7, 1-1-1 Higashi
Tsukuba 305-8567, JAPAN

Phone +81 298 61 3859 


Research of Hirokuni Oda

Geomagnetic field behaviour of the past 1 Myr

Fields of Interest
Geomagnetic reversals and secular variations 
Rock magnetism of sediments 
Red bedded chert 
Quaternary paleoclimate (NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
Deconvolution of paleomagnetic data (source code at ftp site
Ocean Drilling Program (Leg 139, Leg 174A) 
IMAGES IV (R/V Marion Dufresne) 
KR99-12, KR00-03 (R/V Kairei) 
JNOC Antarctic cruises (TH96, TH97, TH98: R/V Hakurei) 
NH96-1 (R/V Hakurei) 
Cruises around Japan 
GH98, GH99 (R/V Hakurei) 
GH00 (R/V Hakurei No.2) 
GF00 (R/V Fujisan)

publications Publications of Hirokuni Oda
  • Oda, H. and Torii, M. (2004). Sea-level change and remagnetization of continental shelf sediments off New Jersey (ODP Leg 174A): magnetite and greigite diagenesis, Geophys. J. Int., 156, 443-458. 
  • Yamazaki, T. and Oda, H. (in press). Intensity-inclination correlation on long-term secular variation of the geomagnetic field and its relevance to persistent non-dipole component, AGU Monograph.
  • Kawamura, N., K. Ikehara, H. Oda, and M. Torii (2003). Rock magnetic study of Holocene marine sediments recovered from the Okhotsk Sea: study on two core sediments near Kitamiyamato Bank off Abashiri, Hokkaido, Quaternary Research (Dai-yonki Kenkyuu), 42, 83-97 (in Japanese with English abstract).
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