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Hayfaa Abdul Aziz
Hayfaa Abdul Aziz
Dr. H. Abdul Aziz
Postdoc 2001-2005
Now at:
Princetonlaan 6
3584 CB Utrecht 



Research of Hayfaa Abdul Aziz

A middle Miocene APTS 
for the Mediterranean and Paratethys 
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Hayfaa's research aimed at establishing a Mediterranean-based Astronomical Polarity Time Scale (APTS) for the Middle Miocene, to be applied in tectonostratigraphic studies of the circum-Mediterranean region. The APTS will initially be constructed by using an integrated stratigraphic approach to the continental record of Spain. The Spanish results will allow a detailed comparison with the already existing (and ongoing) results of time-equivalent marine sequences of the Mediterranean, and are necessary to include the terrestrial record in the APTS. .
Previous (PhD) research
During my PhD-project, she has studied Miocene cyclically bedded distal alluvial- fan and shallow lacustrine successions from the Calatayud and Teruel Basins in NE Spain.  The main objective was to establish an integrated magneto-, cyclo- and (mammal) biostratigraphic framework for parts of the middle and late Miocene.

One of the study areas lies near the village Orera in the Calatayud Basin where well-exposed outcrops of cyclically bedded mudstone and carbonate were explored and investigated (see picture above). The outcome of this research resulted in the integrated stratigraphy of the Orera Composite Section (OCS), and in the extension of the astronomical polarity time scale (APTS) to ~13 Ma.

An important aspect of constructing and extending an APTS involves establishing phase relations between sedimentary (mudstone - carbonate) cycles and the astronomical parameters. These phase relations - e.g. with insolation - can be determined once the astronomical origin of the sedimentary cyclicity has been demonstrated, for instance by magnetic stratigraphy.
To show that the mudstone-carbonate cycles in the Orera area are astronomically forced, spectral analysis was done on proxy records, like colour reflectance and carbonate content of the OCS.
The results unambiguously demonstrate that the four different scales of cycles identified in the field are controlled by the orbital parameters of dominantly precession and eccentricity and of obliquity, thus reflecting astronomically induced oscillations in regional climate. The research successfully demonstrated that continental successions can be used for constructing and extending the APTS, thus providing an outstanding opportunity for bed-to-bed correlations between continental and marine sequences in the Mediterranean.

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