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Erik Snel
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Mr. E. Snel
Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 4, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 5185
Fax +31 30 243 5030


Research of Erik Snel

Timing and character of 
Tethys and Paratethys gateways
The PhD research of Erik Snel focusses, among others, on Tethys-Paratethys connections. To this end, he travels around the entire Mediterranean, trying to do fieldwork everywhere possible.

In Morocco:
Loulia Quarry, near Bou Regreg, trying to reach the 
Miocene- Pliocene boundary near the bottom of the pit

Erwin van der Laan drills to a depth of ~5.5 m
Bou Regreg area, Morocco
Ain el Beida section

In Spain:
With a little help from my friends ...
with Wout Krijgsman & Paco Sierro

Tortonian - Messinian boundary at Gibraleon clay pit, north of Huelva (Andalucia) 

In Greece:

Akrotiraki section on the island of Milos, with Johan Meulenkamp and Constantin Doukas

Apolakkia section on the island of Rhodos

Rema Marmara section in the Strimon basin, digging for fresh samples 

 In Romania:

Beautiful sections in the Southern Carpathians of Romania, e.g. at Badislava (above and below)


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  • Snel, E., Marunteanu, M., Macalet, R., Meulenkamp, J.E., Van Vugt, N. (2006). Late Miocene to Early Pliocene chronostratigraphic framework for the Dacic Basin, Romania, Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol., 238, 107-124. 
  • Van der Laan, E., Snel, E., de Kaenel E., Hilgen, F.J. and Krijgsman, W. (2006). No major deglaciation across the Miocene–Pliocene boundary: integrated stratigraphy and astronomical tuning of the Loulja section (Bou Regreg area, NW Morocco). Paleoceanography, 21 (3): Art. No. PA3011 
  • Van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Snel, E., Garstman, S.A., Marunteanu, M. , Langereis, C.G., Wortel,M.J.R. and Meulenkamp, J.E. (2004). Vertical motions in the Aegean volcanic arc: evidence for rapid subsidence preceding volcanic activity on Milos and Aegina, Mar. Geol., 209, 329-345. 
  • Snel, E., Marunteanu, M., Meulenkamp, J.E., 2001. The position of the Pontian relative to Mediterranean stages. Ber. Inst. Geol. Palaontol. Karl-Franzens Univ. Graz, 4, 13.