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Dr. D. van Hinsbergen
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Research of Douwe van Hinsbergen

Exhumation with a twist: the evolving anatomy of
a metamorphic core complex
Douwe's main research interest interest focusses on the evolution of the architecture of orogens. It is his belief that the only way of achieving a reliable picture of the development of mountain ranges is to incorporate all fields of Earth sciences.
He has therefore never chosen a single direction, but aimed to be all-round. Both in Greece (PhD study) and in Mongolia, Turkey, Cuba, Bulgaria (postdoc position), he has combined sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural geology, metamorphism, geochemistry, volcanology, paleontology and paleomagnetism, combined, of course, with the wealth of information on these and other topics in literature.
In his new NWO (VENI) project on Turkey - with a focus on the Menderes metamorphic core complex - he will follow the same approach. Metamorphic core complexes are among the most spectacular aspects of continental dynamics. They result from long-distance displacement along crust-penetrating extensional detachment faults and their formation is the most effective way to accommodate large-scale extension of continental crust. So far, their development in 3D has not been taken into account. The project aims to reconstruct crust deformation associated with core complex formation in three dimensions, for the first time focussing on lateral strain variation, through a multidisciplinary approach that unravels transcrustal motion in three-dimensions by monitoring horizontal and vertical motion during exhumation.
Transcrustal vertical motions will be reconstructed by constraining the decompression and cooling history of syn-exhumational granite bodies, through integrated geochronology and petrology. Differential horizontal motions lead to vertical axis rotations, which can be detected through paleomagnetic techniques. Laterally discontinuous core complexes are well described in the continental domains of Greece and western Turkey. 
Of these, the Menderes core complex of western Turkey forms a state-of-the-art test case: its structure is well-studied, syn-exhumational granite bodies are present and both within and outside the Menderes core complex, syn-exhumational sedimentary basins are present, that allow monitoring horizontal (rotational) motions of the earth’s surface during exhumation. 
A) Geologic map of western Turkey and eastern Greece. See inset for location in regional context.  B) Simplified cross-section P-P’
The proposed research thus addresses fundamental questions of continental dynamics and provides key boundary conditions for 3D evolution of continental crust through time during extension and exhumation.
Douwe carried out his PhD research at the department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Utrecht University (the Netherlands). The research topic was the reconstruction of the tectonic history of the Aegean region (Greece) since the Oligocene. He carried out fieldwork in the sedimentary basins and underlying basement of the external Hellenides (from Albania, via the Peloponnesos and Crete to Rhodos). The results have been or are being published (see Publications below).
During his postdoc position at the University of Leicester, Douwe studied Mongolia. A first field trip was carried out to reconstruct the Mesozoic tectonic history of the Gobi Altai region in southern Mongolia. In the Cenozoic, the region was deformed into high, narrow ridges and wide valleys, as a result of transpressional strike-slip activity. Along these ridges, Mesozoic sediments and volcanics crop out. 

Integrated stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology and volcanic geochemistry will be applied to reconstruct the preceding geologic history.


publications Publications of Douwe van Hinsbergen


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