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Daniel Pastor Galán
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Dr. D. Pastor Galán
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 1676

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Research of Daniel Pastor Galán
Oroclinal bending and paleolatitude reconstructions in the Eurasian-Arabian collision zone
Motion of continental fragments that rifted off the African margin and moved across the Tethys ocean toward the Eurasian margin was accommodated by subduction below Eurasia until convergence of Africa and Eurasia started ~120 Myr ago. Tethyan plate kinematics are poorly constrained, due to the subduction of the intermittent oceanic crust that was followed by continent-continent collision. The final closure of the Neo-Tethys ocean in the Paleocene to Eocene led to the uplift of the Alpine-Himalayan chain and resulted in the development of the Mediterranean and Paratethys seas. The presence and subsequent disappearance of these large water masses and the uplift of the Alpine-Himalayan belt have been argued to have largely influenced climate.
We will reconstruct Tethyan plate kinematics and continent-continent collision in the present-day Lesser Caucasus and Talysh-Alborz regions that together form the southern extent of Paratethys deposits. We will do this by determining the paleolatitude position of the Africa-Arabia-derived continental (micro)plates and their tectonic rotations through time, in the context of basin development (Paratethys) and the history of oceanic gateways.

Daniel working with Mahnaz Rezaeian in Iran on Eocene volcanics

Continent-continent collision and the tectonic framework for Paratethys development will specifically be studied in two regions that are characterised by their arc-shape: the Lesser Caucasus and the Talysh-Alborz fold-and-thrust belts. Paleomagnetism will provide the rotation patterns in the arc-shaped regions that possibly resulted from oroclinal bending. Exact timing of formation of these arcuate belts will provide constraints for their formation mechanisms such as the collision of intervening continental fragments (e.g. the South Armenian Block and/or Arabia) with Eurasia, slab roll-back mechanisms or a combination of these possibilities

publications Publications of Daniel Pastor Galán

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