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Cor Langereis
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Prof.dr. C.G. Langereis
Paleomagnetic Laboratory
Fort Hoofddijk
Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Utrecht University 
Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 1668


Research of Cor Langereis

The study of the Earth's magnetic field 
and its history through time 
  • Magnetostratigraphy & Cyclostratigraphy
  • Reversals, Reversal Excursions and Secular Variation
  • Geodynamics in the Europe-Africa-Arabia convergence zone

Magnetostratigraphy & Cyclostratigraphy

A long-standing and continuous research project involves dating through magnetic stratigraphy and the construction of astronomical polarity time scales (APTS), together with the Stratigraphy and Paleontology group.

Geodynamics in the Europe-Africa-Arabia convergence zone
Ongoing research is being carried out on the geodynamics and structural evolution with an emphasis on the regions Anatolia (Turkey), NW Iran and Pakistan. But we also work on other tectonically active regions, like the research of Lydian Boschman.  There is a consistent collaboration with Douwe van Hinsbergen on geodynamic reconstructions.

In Turkey, this involves collaboration with many colleagues: Nuretdin Kaymakci (METU, Ankara), Bora Uzel (Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir), Murat Özkaptan (Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon) and Ayten Koç (Yüzüncü YIl University, Van).

Turkish landscape with nice sections

In Iran, we study in particular the Karaj formation (Eocene volcanis and volcanoclastics). We work mainly with Mahnaz Rezaeian (IASBS, Zanjan) as structural geologist, Ali Niknam as a (visiting) research assistant. The research typically involves MSc research projects, for example that of Chris Kuijper and Hanneke Heida.

Dykes in the Karaj Formation (Tafresh area, Iran)

In Pakistan, we study the Salt Range and the Potwar Plateau. We have the help of Abdul Qayyum (METU, Ankara) and his advisors Nuri Kaymakci and Naveed Ahsan (The Punjab Univeristy, Lahore), and we involve MSc projects, like that of Jorik Poesse.

Sampling the Siwaliks with Naveed, Cor, Abdul, Jorik and Nuri
Archeomagnetism in Turkey

In 2007, Pinar Ertepinar started a project on turkish archeomagnetism, with an emphasis on the Bronze Age. 

For Turkey, archeomagnetic results still are largely'terra incognita', and her research will focus on the full vector of the field. She is co-supervised by Andy Biggin

publicationsPublications of Cor Langereis

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