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Anne-Christine da Silva

Dr. A.C. da Silva Rangel de Almeida
Paleomagnetic Laboratory

Department of Earth Sciences
Utrecht University 

Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht 
The Netherlands 

Phone +31 30 253 1676

Webpage at Université de Liège

Research of Anne-Christine da Silva

The quest for unravelling orbital climate signals from Devonian magnetic susceptibility

At present, my main research project concerns the application of magnetic susceptibility (MS) on Devonian sediments in order to get a better understanding of the origin of this MS signal (diagenesis vs detrital origin).

With the MS signal proven to be primary and related to detrital inputs and then influenced by climate, we intend to search for orbital cyclicity. These cycles of steady duration can be used to improve the Devonian time scale which still suffers from very high uncertainties.  
Previous Research projects

Sedimentology of the Devonian carbonate platform of Belgium
This research project focused on getting a better understanding of the sedimentology of the Devonian (Frasnian, about 375 Myr old) carbonate platform deposits from Belgium. In this respect, I applied classic sedimentology, facies disitribution, diagenesis, carbon and oxygen isotopes, sequence stratigraphy and magnetic susceptibility in order to get a picture as complete as possible of the paleoenvironments.
Influence of diagenetic transformations on reservoir properties

Abandoned swimming pool along the section of Pod Barrandovem, Prague, Czech Republic, Praguian-Emsian (Lower Devonian)

Devonian carbonate platform of Belgium : A. taifler outcrop – B. corresponding paleo-environments in the lagoon, with main facies and fossil distribution – C. corresponding paleo-environments in the lagoon, with the main fossil distribution.

Influence of diagenetic transformations on reservoir properties

This postdoctoral research was carried at the EGID institute, Bordeaux III University, France, in association with Total. The project was focusing on the development of reservoir properties, in relation with subaerial exposures (Lot, France and Tremp, Spain) and with dolomitisation (Grandes Causses, France). We could show for example that the microporosity developed during subaerial exposure can significantly improve the reservoir properties of limestones.

Campo section, basin of Tremp, Spain, Paleocene

Paleoecology of the Silurian and Devonian stromatoporoids

This project, focused on the paleoecology of Silurian and Devonian stromatoporoids in Belgium and in U.K. We could show a clear link between the external shape of the Devonian stromatoporoids and their paleoenvironments. We could also show the first evidence of spicules in a Devonian stromatoporoid (which is significant concerning their taxonomic distribution, in favor of their attribution to the porostromates).

publicationsPublications of Anne-Christine da Silva
For all publications see the webpage at the University of Liège.

  • Belghithi, H., Boulvain, F., Yaich, C., Da Silva, A.C. Evolution des séries silicoclastiques miocènes en Tunisie Centrale : cas du Djebel Khechem El Artsouma. Carnet de Géologie, 16, 557-568 .   
  • Da Silva, A.C., Hladil, J., Chadimová, L., Slavík,L, Hilgen, F.J., Bábek, O. and Dekkers, M.J. (2016). Refining the Early Devonian time scale using Milankovitch cyclicity in Lochkovian–Pragian sediments (Prague Synform, Czech Republic), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 455, 125-139.   
  • Tonorova, P., Hints, O., Königshof, P., Suttner, T., Kido, E., Da Silva, A.C., Pas, D. (2016) Middle Devonian jawed polychaete fauna from the type Eifel area, western Germany, and its biogeographical  and evolutionary affinities. Papers in Palaeontology 2, 293-310.  
  • Da  Silva,  A.C.,  De  Vleeschouwer,  D.,  Boulvain,  F.,  Claeys,  P.,  Fagel,  N.,  Humblet,  M.,  Mabille,  C.,  Michel,  J., Sardar Abadi, M., Pas, D. &  Dekkers, M.J. (2013) Magnetic susceptibility as a  high-resolution correlation tool and as a climatic proxy in Paleozoic rocks-merits and pitfalls: examples from the Devonian in Belgium. Review paper. Marine Petroleum Geology, 46, 173-189.    
  • Da Silva A.-C., Dekkers M.J., Mabille C., Boulvain F. (2012). Magnetic susceptibility and its relationship with paleoenvironment, diagenesis and remagnetization – examples from the Devonian carbonates of Belgium. Stud. Geophys. Geodaet., 56, 677-704.