Key Lectures

  • International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics meeting (Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015). “Structure and dynamics of the Earth’s inner core”

  • Geoneutrino meeting (Paris, France, June 2015). “Seismic reference models of the Earth’s mantle”

  • American Geophysical Union Fall meeting (San Francisco, USA, December 2015). “Structure and dynamics of the Earth’s inner core”

  • Geological Society ‘Deep Earth Processes’ meeting (London, UK, September 2014). “Seismic structure of the Earth’s inner core and its dynamical implications”

  • Post-perovskite 10 year anniversary meeting (Bristol, UK, June 2014). “What do normal modes tell us about the lowermost mantle and post-perovskite?”

  • Inner core anisotropy workshop (Grenoble, France, September 2013) “Inner anisotropy and heterogeneity form combining body wave and normal mode observations”

  • QUEST (Initial Training Network) meeting (Benodet, France, May 2013). “Advances in normal mode modelling of Earth’s mantle and core”

  • CIDER ‘Reference Earth Model’ workshop (Maryland, Washington, April 2013). “Normal mode constraints on mantle structure”

  • Studies of Earth’s Deep Interior meeting (Santa Barbara, California, July 2010). “Regional variation of inner core anisotropy form seismic normal mode observations”

  • COMPRES annual meeting (Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire, June 2009). “Probing Earth’s deep interior using mantle discontinuities”

  • Gordon Research Conference ‘Interior of the Earth’ (Mount “Holyoke MA, Jun 2009). “Seismic structure of the Earth’s core”

  • Mineralogical Society, ‘New Views on the Earth’s Interior’ (London, Feb 2009). “Structure of the Earth’s core”

  • Seismological Society of America meeting (Santa Fe, Apr 2008). “Global Observations of Mantle Discontinuities, and Comparison with Tomographic Models and Mineral Physics”

  • European Geosciences Union meeting (Vienna, Apr 2007). “Seismological observations of mantle discontinuities, and their mineral physical interpretation”

  • European Geosciences Union meeting (Vienna, Apr 2006). “Seismic Structure of the Transition Zone and its Mineral Physical and Geodynamical Interpretation”

  • SPICE (Marie Curie Research Training Network) meeting (Cork, Ireland, Jul 2006). “Probing Earth’s deep interior using seismic observations of mantle discontinuities”

  • Chapman Conference ‘The great plume debate’ (Scotland, Aug 2005). “Constraints on the observation of mantle plumes using global seismology”

  • Euresco (European Science Foundation) meeting ‘The deep Earth’ (Italy, Sep 2003). “Structure of the Earth’s Core”

  • American Geophysical Union fall meeting (San Fransisco, Dec 1998). “Observations of Inner-Core Shear Waves”

Thingvellir - Iceland
Arwen at Thingvellir in Iceland