Welcome to the homepage of the AiO Platform Earth Sciences (APES)

The PhD students of the Department of Earth Sciences (Faculty of Geosciences) are officially represented within this department by the "AiO" or "Promovendi" Platform Earth Sciences, which is often abbreviated to APES. The main objective of the platform is to safeguard the interests of PhD students.

Every month, the platform meets to exchange all relevant information and to discuss the developments both inside and outside the department. In return, research groups and committees are informed and adviced. To cover all areas of interest the platform has members working in all different research groups. Apart from this, several platform members take part in official committees, e.g. the Faculty Council, the boards of the research schools (VMSG and NSG) and their training committees, and the association of PhD students at Utrecht University (PrOut, see the PrOUt website). Furthermore, the platform has a monthly meeting with the Dean, vice-Dean and PhD student Mentor of the department.

Besides the more formal objective of the PhD platform outlined above, the platform should also be regarded as a social platform that organizes social drinks and other activities, the obvious aim being to provide an informal environment in which PhD students at our department can socialize, relax from and enjoy a nice cold beer. To this end, APES aims to organize monthly social drinks ("borrel" in Dutch), which will conveniently coincide with the monthly meetings of the platform. As it stands, in 2011 we will organize a BBQ on Friday July 1st and aim to organize a Christmas party at the end of the year. Hopefully, more activities will be included.

If you have some suggestions yourself or encounter any difficulties or if you would like to join the platform, please do not hesitate to contact one of the platform members or join us at our monthly meeting/social drink!


Last updated: 06-06-2011, Ralph de Wit