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Last updated: 09/09/2009

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International Commission on Stratigraphy

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Map of GSSP's

Stage Section Location
base Pleistocene Vrica, near Crotone, Italy 39º05' N, 17º07' E
base Gelasian Mt S. Nicola, near Gela, Sicily, Italy 37º04' N, 14º15' E
base Piacenzian Punte Piccola, Sicily, Italy 37º17'20'' N, 13º29'36'' E
base Zanclean Eraclea Minoa, Sicily, Italy 37º23'30'' N, 13º16'50'' E
base Messinian Oued Akrech, Morrocco 33º56'13'' N, 6º48'45'' E
base Neogene Lemme-Carrosio, northern Italy 44º39'32'' N, 8º50'11'' E
base Serravallian Ras il Pellegrin 35º54'56'' N, 14º20'03'' E