XVIII. INQUA-Congress 2011:
Quaternary sciences - the view from the mountains

20-27 July 2011 in Bern, Switzerland

Once every four years Quaternarists from all over the world meet at the INQUA Congress to exchange on latest research results and develop agendas for the years to come. In 2011, the Congress will be held in Switzerlands capital "city", Bern. With its agile research community, picturesque medieval town center and alpine setting, Bern should provide an appealing ambience for stimulating scientific interaction and an enjoyable stay.

The Congress programme will address the themes of the Commissions during 6 days of oral and poster sessions, plenary presentations, and side meetings. The scientific programme will be garnished with social events at scenic spots, and of course, in the tradition of INQUA Congresses, with attractive field trips before, during, and after the Congress week.

INQUA-NL hopes to see many participants from institutes in the Netherlands at the Bern congress. Many, many abstracts for oral presentations have been submitted in november and december. Roughly 50% could be accepted, as this filled all time slots of the congress and in all rooms of the venue. The other 50% were offered a poster presentation instead. INQUA-NL has invited speakers for their pre-congress gathering of oral and poster submissions alike.

Pre-congress events in the Netherlands

14 April: INQUA-NL gathering at RCE Amersfoort

On the afternoon of April 14, 2011, INQUA Netherlands will hold their spring meeting at the RCE Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, Amersfoort. This meeting will serve as a pre-congress event for the 18th Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA), to be held in Bern (Switzerland) this summer. In Bern, some 50 participants from the Netherlands will present their work during different oral and poster sessions. At the INQUA-Netherlands meeting in Amersfoort we invite INQUA participants to present their work to the Dutch Quaternary Community. Priority will be given to those contributions that have not been selected for an oral presentation in Bern. We have invited various abstract authors to present their results.

Please Register Here (e-mail form, adressed to Wim Hoek)


13.00-13.30 arrival

13.30-15.00 intro and four 20-minute presentations

Jan Wijbrans (VU A'dam)Of tephra and timescales: extending 40Ar/39Ar based timescales to the Quaternary.
Timme Donders (TNO Geol Surv)Land-sea correlation of early Gelasian glacial - interglacial cycles in the southern North Sea.
Ilja de Winter (TU Delft)A Quantitative Process Model of Glacial Sediment Erosion and Transfer in Arctic Glacial Valleys.
Enno Bregman (UU / Prov Drenthe)Implications of past glaciation on today’s landscape-functioning in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands.

15.00-15.30 tea break

15.30-17.00 four more 20-minute presentations

Gilles Erkens (Deltares, TNO, UU)Non-linear environmental response to the agro-pastoral transition in north-western Europe.
Bryan Dermody (UU)Climate in the Roman period: an interdisciplinary study of ancient anthropogenic activity.
Janneke IJmker (RWTH Aachen)Geochemical and sedimentological analyses of dune fields on the NE Tibetan Plateau and their environmental implications.
Henry Hooghiemstra (UvA)Ultra-high resolution pollen-based records of climate change in the (sub)tropics reveals an arctic system-biased understanding of the global climate system.

17.00-17.45 drinks

Events during the Congress in Bern

Open business meeting INQUA-NL

INQUA-NL intends to hold an open business meeting in Bern. All participants from the Netherlands are invited. Many INQUA subcommissions hold meetings at the Bern congress.

Some highlighted sessions at Bern

INQUA-NL wants to point your special attention the sessions below:

# Title Convener(s) Commission Abstracts
50 Drowned landscapes and continental shelves during the last glacial cycles (IGCP526)

Francisco Jose Lobo, Kim M. Cohen, Samuel Toucanne, Francesco L. Chiocci CMP, TERPRO submit
34 Geoarchaeology: Paleoenvironments and Human Interactions

Kosmas Pavlopoulos, Sorcha Diskin, Markus Fuchs, Vanessa Heyvaert HaB submit
1 INTegrating Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial (INTIMATE) Global Records (60,000 to 8000 years ago): An International Focus Group

Simon Blockley, Wim Hoek PALCOMM submit
18 Late Quaternary climate trends: expression and causation

Jan-Berend Stuut, Sheri Fritz PALCOMM submit
103 Pan-European correlations in Quaternary stratigraphy

Mauro Coltorti, Wim Westerhoff SACCOM submit
58 Quantifying and modelling human and climatic impacts on hillslope and fluvial sediment dynamics during the Holocene Gert Verstraeten, Gilles Erkens, Thomas Hoffmann TERPRO submit

Many, many more sessions are planned. The full list of sessions is found on http://www.inqua2011.ch/.
Final acceptance of each session will depend on the number of abstracts received; however we hope to receive many submissions.

Poster abstracts still possible to submit

See this page on the Bern 2011 website for the full details, this is only a summary on the most particular things to know.

  • Choose a preferred and an (optional) alternative session for each abstract
  • Abstracts for oral presentations are no longer accepts. Talks have been asigned in January 2011. Poster abstracts are still accepted.
  • Title of abstract max. 200 characters incl. spaces.
  • Body of abstract max. 2000 characters incl. spaces, no graphics nor tables, no post-editing, some formatting is possible.
  • Submit in time
Please, do not miss the deadlines!
Last poster abstract submission: 10 May 2011
Early registration: 31 March 2011

INQUA commissions scheduling the sessions

Since 1928, INQUA, the International Union for Quaternary Research, promotes communication and international collaboration in Quaternary research. The current scientific scope of INQUA is reflected by its five Comissions:

  • CMP Coastal and Marine Processes
  • PALCOMM Palaeoclimate
  • HaB Humans and Biosphere
  • SACCOM Stratigraphy and Chronology
  • TERPRO Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History

Pre- and Post-congress Fieldtrips

These fieldtrips are announced on http://www.inqua2011.ch/. One post-congress fieldtrip travels downstream along the Rhine, ending with two days in the Netherlands, supported by the INQUA-NL committee. Contact Dr. Wim Westerhoff for more information.

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