This website gives an overview of geological, geomorphological and sedimentological research being conducted by the Fluvial Group at Utrecht University. Here you will find our research projects, results of our studies, lists of publications and books written by staff members, as well as Ph.D. theses.

Borehole data

Over 200.000 digital borehole data and various digital maps are available for research and commercial purposes. (more...)

Research results

  • Palaeogeographic development. The culmination of 40 years of research in the Rhine-Meuse delta.

  • Avulsion, the abandonment of a part or the whole of a channel belt by a stream in favour of a new course.

Other results

Interested in physical geography?

Are you interested in studying fluvial geomorphology and physical geography? Then read more about our curriculum.

The effects of Hurricane Katrina

Coastal and fluvial processes are intricately interwoven. Read about Hurricane Katrina and its effects on New Orleans.