Research group

Water, sand and vegetation... Rivers, deltas and coasts have dynamic patterns of sand, mud and vegetation. These patterns are colourful, energetic, alive, and important to society. I aim to understand how these patterns form and change by replicating them in sand box experiments and computer models.

Main research subjects (see projects, and see oratie/inaugural lecture for overview):

  • Estuaries, Waddenseas, tidal bars and tidal meanders
  • River channel patterns
  • River bifurcations and avulsion
  • Bedforms and sediment sorting
  • Fluvio-deltaic morphology on planet Mars
  • Philosophy of earth/geoscience

All research proposals for my projects were written at the keyboards of my laptop and my piano. Hence this planetary, fluvial and estuarine research is now somehow associated to specific composers in my mind. I am presently recording some pieces on my Yamaha YUS3 Silent piano and linking these to the project pages. For example, the piece Cathedrale Engloutie by Claude Debussy I associate with the building up of my entire research program from the theme of water and sediment movement. If you don't like this personal touch, just ignore it... It's my way of trying to accept that striving for perfection does not lead to perfection.