INTIMATE membership

Participation in the work of INTIMATE is open to any scientist with interests in, and/or data pertinent to, the aims of INTIMATE. Individuals or research groups who have high quality data from the Last Termination in the Atlantic region, especially well-dated records suitable for calibration to the calendar time-scale, are encouraged to participate in the programme. Presently there are over 200 scientists from 36 countries registered with the Secretary as ‘members’ of INTIMATE; most are based in NW Europe and North America, although there is growing representation from other parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and the Pacific. All members will be circulated with regular news-sheets, informing them of INTIMATE’s activities, and will be invited to attend the annual workshops - space permitting. Contact will be maintained via email, mainly to ensure wider publicity of the events.

For membership, please contact Wim Hoek

INTIMATE members working in the African Region (Aix-en-Provence, August 2001)