Northern Hemisphere INTIMATE meetings

During the 2007-2011 inter-congress period, several international workshops and associated symposia are planned. It is anticipated that the results obtained within the framework of the Northern Hemisphere INTIMATE project will be presented in a thematic symposium session during INQUA Bern. Additionally, we have planned to present a joint global synthesis together with the Southern Hemisphere INTIMATE project in order to establish correlations between the global key records for the last 30ka from the different regions.

2003-2007 Inter-Congress Meetings

·        10th INTIMATE International Workshop, Oxford, 19-22 September, 2008

·        INTIMATE symposium and poster session during EGU General Assembly 2008, Vienna, Austria, 13 – 18 April 2008

2003-2007 Inter-Congress Meetings

·        9th INTIMATE International Workshop during XVIIth INQUA Congress Cairns Australia, 2007

·        8th (North Atlantic) INTIMATE International Workshop, Mýrdalur, 10-14 September, 2005

·        7th (North Atlantic) INTIMATE International Workshop, Bonn, 14-19 September, 2004

1999-2003 Inter-Congress Meetings

4th INTIMATE Workshop, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, 21-28 August 2000

INTIMATE held its 4th International Workshop in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, from 21-28 August, 2000. The objectives of the meeting were: a) to standardise procedures for the calibration and publication of Late-glacial radiocarbon dates, b) to compare new palaeoenvironmental data-sets for the Last Termination at a common (calibrated to calendar or ice-core years) timescale. The meeting was attended by 31 INTIMATE project members from 9 European countries. The proceedings have been published in Quaternary Science Reviews 20 (2001) 1175-1187.

Visit to Russell Glacier at the Icecap Front during the Kangerlussuaq workshop (Photo by Barbara Wohlfarth).

Midnight Sun 5th INTIMATE International Workshop, Tromsø, Norway, 22-28 June 2002

'Improving the reliability of correlations between marine, terrestrial and ice-core sequences for the Last Termination'

INTIMATE held its 5th International Workshop in Tromsø, Norway, from 22-28 June 2002. The workshop was organised by the Norwegian Polar Institute and University of Tromsø. The meeting was organised by N. Koc, M. Hald, T. Vorren and S. Bondevik, and was attended by 36 INTIMATE project members representing 12 countries. The theme of the workshop was ‘Improving the reliability of correlations between marine, terrestrial and ice core sequences.’   The workshop, attended by most members of the INTIMATE steering group, also provided an opportunity for review and planning of INTIMATE’s overall strategy.


Midnight in Tromsø, view from Fløya Mountain-top restaurant 23 June 2003

6th INTIMATE International Workshop, Reno, Nevada, 2003

‘Were climatic oscillations during the Last Termination globally synchronous ?'

INTIMATE held its ‘6th International Workshop during the XVIth INQUA Congress in Reno, Nevada on July 2003. The workshop was attended by 33 scientists from 14 countries. During that meeting it was proposed that Wim Hoek, presently the Secretary of the INTIMATE project, should take over from John Lowe as Co-ordinator of INTIMATE with effect from 1st January, 2004. Zicheng Yu of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has volunteered to succeed Wim Hoek as Secretary of the INTIMATE project from 1st January, 2004.


7th International (North Atlantic) INTIMATE workshop, Bonn, 14-19 September, 2004


During the 7th International (first North Atlantic) INTIMATE workshop in the Eifel region, Germany, held in September 15-18, 2004, new developments were presented and plans were made for future meetings and the associated research agenda. This workshop, and associated excursion to the Eifel Volcanic Field and the type locality of the Laacher See Tephra was hosted by Thomas Litt (Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn) and attended by 38 participants from 12 different countries.



Hans-Ulrich Schmincke explains the stratigraphy at the type locality of the Laacher See Tephra (Wingertsberg)


8th International (North Atlantic) INTIMATE workshop, Mýrdalur, 10-14 September, 2005


The 8th North Atlantic INTIMATE Workshop was held from September 10-14, 2005 in Iceland. Our local organiser, Jón Eiríksson (along with Arny Sveinbjornsdottir, Olafur Ingolfsson, and Sigfus Johnsen) arranged a fantastic workshop venue in Hotel Höfðabrekka in Vik, near Myrdalsjokull, 200 km east of Reykjavik. During the excursion on September 10th, lead by Jon Eiriksson, Olafur Ingolfson and Gudrum Larsen, we experienced sunny weather (as usual) and visited some Icelandic highlights as well as the volcanic and glaciated terrain on our way to Vik. The workshop was attended by 28 participants from 8 different countries, representing the ice-core, marine, terrestrial, tephra, 14C-dating  tree-ring and climate modelling community. One of the outcomes of the meeting is a Special Paper and Special Issue containing a selection of the papers presented during the workshop. 

The proceedings (programme and abstracts) can be downloaded here (pdf). 


9th International INTIMATE workshop, Cairns, Austalia, 2007

INTIMATE held its 9th International Workshop during the XVIIth INQUA Congress in Cairns, Australia on August 3 2007. The workshop was attended by representatives from both Hemispheres.


INTIMATE symposium and poster session at EGU, Vienna, Austria 13-18 April, 2008

During the INTIMATE session at EGU in Vienna convened by Wim Hoek, Karen-Luise Knudsen and Sune Olander Rasmussen we expect to reach particularly the marine and palaeoclimate modelling community. The accepted contributions can be seen here.


10th International INTIMATE workshop, Oxford, UK, 19-22 September, 2008

The 10th INTIMATE International Workshop will be organised by Simon Blockley and colleagues in Oxford, UK from 19-22 September 2008.

For more information, see the local organisation web-site here.