Integration of Icecore, Marine and Terrestrial Records (INTIMATE)


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INTegration of Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records of the Last Termination’
a core project of the
INQUA Palaeoclimate Commission

The purpose of INTIMATE is to integrate data sets from ice core, marine and land records for the interval between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Early Holocene and to study the ice-sea-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks during the last Glacial-Interglacial transition.

During the last inter-congress period, INTIMATE activities concentrated around two active INQUA funded projects:

·        The North Atlantic INTIMATE project (INQUA project number: 0408)

·        The Australasian INTIMATE project (INQUA project number: 0406)

Geography Department, UU




Project co-ordinators Europe and western Asia: Wim Hoek

USA and eastern Asia: Zicheng Yu


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