Network of Autonomously Recording Seismographs


NARS is a mobile seismic network operated by the seismology group of the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University. It was the first digital mobile broadband seismic network (Nolet & Vlaar, 1982) and has been operational since 1983. The NARS stations were deployed in various configurations within Europe through NARS projects (Europe, ILIHA, NL, DEEP, Netherlands) or as part of other projects (SVEKALAPKO, IberArray). NARS was also deployed in Mexico (Baja) and is currently installed in Botswana. The number of stations increased from 14 in 1983 to 31 in 2006, and the instrumentation changed through the years. Detailed information about each project, like station configuration, time of operation and instrumentation, can be found by clicking on the project name.