NARS-Botswana was a temporary project to determine the Earth structure beneath Botswana to obtain a better understanding of its complex tectonics. The Seismology Group of Utrecht University deployed a 21 broadband seismic station network across the Republic of Botswana in cooperation with the Department of Geological Survey of the Republic of Botswana (DGS), the Department of Earth Systems Analysis of the Technical University of Twente (ITC) and the Africa Array (AA). The project had a duration of 4 years starting in June 2013 and ending 2018. March 1st 2018, the ownership of the stations was transfered to the Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI), making the stations part of the Botswana Seismological Network (BSN).

Current configuration: yellow_pin= NARS yellow_pin= BSN yellow_pin= AA