Africa Array equipment

AfricaArray is a Pan-African geophysical and geological research initiative that was launched in July 2004 and is already starting to yield its first research results. Its network of monitoring stations records earthquakes occurring on the continent and worldwide. The permanent network includes 27 broadband seismic stations spread across sub-Saharan Africa, and is supplemented by temporary deployments of seismographs for specific research projects. The AfricaArray facilities may also, in future, host other Earth observation instruments, such as those used for geodetic and climate studies.

The Maun AfricaArray station consist of a Reftek 160 data logger with a Trillium compact sensor. Time keeping is done by GPS and the system is solar powered. Data is send directly over the internet.

reftek_130 trill_compact
Reftek 130 and Trillium Compact

January 2014 Maun AA staion has been re-installed in a similar way as the NARS botswana stations.

AA_Maun AA_Maun_inside
AfricaArray staion Maun