Prof. Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen

Department of Earth Sciences - Geochemistry
Faculty of Geosciences
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80021
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Announcement: As of June 1, 2011, I am joining University of Waterloo as the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Ecohydrology. This terminates my official affiliations with Georgia Institute of Technology and with Utrecht University.

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Research interests

o Biogeochemistry: bacterial degradation of organic matter, redox and acid-base chemistry of natural waters, transformations of nutrients, metals and contaminants in terrestrial and marine environments, microbial ecology.
o Mineral-water interactions: surface chemistry of minerals, kinetics of mineral nucleation, growth and dissolution, biominerals.
o Reactive transport modeling: numerical models of multicomponent reactive transport in sediments, water columns, hydrothermal systems and aquifers.
o Geochemical cycles and global change: coupled carbon and nutrient cycles in the oceans, geochemical controls on ocean fertility and anoxia.
o Biogeochemical complexity: dynamics of coupled biogeochemical reaction networks, competition and feedbacks among metabolic and abiotic reaction pathways.