Prof. Dr. R.D. SchuilingProf. Dr. R.D. Schuiling (33517 bytes)

Department of Earth Sciences - Geochemistry
Faculty of Geosciences
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80.021
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 30 253.5006(phone)
+31 30 253.5302 (Fax)


Personal address:
Halleylaan 10
3721 TH Bilthoven

Position: Chair Geochemistry (emeritus from march 1997)


Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 26-02-1932
Place of birth: Arnhem




Obtained doctoral degree in 1957; majored in Petrology, with secondary subjects Geophysics and Structural Geology. Worked in 1954 3 months in a German lead-zinc mine, and took part in a geophysical expedition on board of a submarine of the Royal Dutch Navy


PhD with mention "cum laude"




Exploration geologist with Maden Tetkik Arama Enstitüsü (Geological Survey of Turkey), with a 3 month interruption in 1961 as research fellow of the German Research Organisation.


Scientist at Utrecht University, in charge of setting up and running a high pressure/high temperature laboratory


NATO Research Fellow at Princeton University, USA


(retired in 1997)Full professor of geochemistry and experimental petrology at Utrecht University.


Part-time lecturer environmental geochemistry at IHE/Delft.


Senior officer of UNESCO, to give a course to geologists of the Geological Survey of Greece.

1996-March 2003

Part-time professor of geochemical engineering at IHE/Delft


Professional interests:

Although the early scientific career was mainly directed towards (experimental) petrology, environmental geochemistry became increasingly more important from 1970 onwards. This has led to the development of a number of environmental technologies, based on optimization of natural geochemical processes. Some of the larger projects include:


The application of natural processes to solve environmental problems has been defined as "Geochemical Engineering"; the subject was formalized in a paper by Schuiling in 1990 in Applied Geochemistry ("Geochemical Engineering; some thoughts on a new research field").
Approximately 50 PhD-students have obtained their degree under his supervision.
Of special interest to the present project are the years spent in mining exploration as well as visits to mining districts all over the world (India, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, several countries of the EC). Noteworthy is a NATO-sponsored inspection tour of mining wastes in Southern Poland.


Some recent publications

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